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CSA APAC Monthly Codebook
Welcome to the CSA APAC Cloud Codebook!
A monthly newsletter, and your source for the most up-to-date news on CSA APAC Region.

Corporate Members Spotlight

Check out what our corporate members are doing!


Meeting with CEPREI, 28 March, Guangzhou, China


CSA APAC team visited CEPREI office in Guangzhou. The team discussed collaboration areas in 2016 and plans moving forward for CSA’s C-STAR. CSA’s C-STAR is an internationally recognised certification created to incorporate international standards, CCM & ISO 27001, together with China national standards, GB/T 22239-2008(Information security technology — Baseline for classified protection of information system) and GB/Z 28828-2012(Information security technology – Guideline for personal information protection within information system for public and commercial services), to provide an all-encompassing certification for the Chinese firms allowing them to avoid duplicated efforts and save cost. For firms looking to enter the Chinese market, CSA’s C-STAR will be relevant.


Meeting with Inspur, 31 March, Jinan, China


CSA APAC team visited Inspur office in Jinan to discuss the benefits of CSA corporate membership. The team met with Zhu Yong, Product Director of Cloud Services, and Zhang Xu Dong to discuss on how they can leverage on the membership benefits. The team also shared with Inspur our 2016 plan in both research and events. The team discussed potential collaboration area for research.


CSA APAC Research Activities

Check out our research activities!


CSA APAC Cloud Adoption Survey


As shared last month, the CSA APAC Cloud Adoption Survey aims to provide an in-depth perspective of cloud adoption in the APAC region.
We would like to hear from you on cloud adoption in your organisation. To provide your inputs, please respond to the full survey with your contact information. We will be giving five CCSK tokens (worth USD $345). The prize drawing will take place once the survey is closed (22nd April), and winners will be notified by email on 28th April. The link to the survey is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/csaapaccloudadoption.


Chapter Spotlight

Featured chapter of the month


Mumbai Chapter


With over 700 members, CSA Mumbai Chapters is one of the largest CSA chapters in the world. Established way back in 2010, it is also one of the oldest CSA chapters in the world. Led by Keith Prabhu, the Mumbai Chapter has played a leadership role in the growth of CSA in India and has assisted other chapters to get officially recognised. In the past 5 years, the Mumbai Chapter has supported over 20 major cloud security events in Mumbai. It’s Directors, who are renowned security professionals, are often keynote speakers at these events. It has also contributed to development of CCSK and CCSP certification. Being located in the commercial capital of India, the Mumbai Chapter focuses largely on educating BFSI sector on how to adopt the Cloud in a secure manner.


APAC Volunteer Leadership Spotlight


Mr. Masahiro Morozumi


Mr. Masahiro Morozumi is the executive director of CSA Japan Chapter. As a founding member of CSA Japan Chapter, he is very passionate about information security, participating in different CSA international research and actively promoting adoption of CSA's best practices in different Cloud based technologies in Japan. With the aim to promote Cloud adoption, he founded his own consulting firm back in 2014 providing consultation to SMEs on how to move to Cloud securely. Apart from his experience in information security, he has engineering experience in UNIX operating system and Oracle database. He graduated from The University of Electro-Communications with a Master in Management Engineering.


Upcoming Events

Come and Join Us!

    CSA APAC Events
  • CSA APAC Summit 2016, 3 May, 2016, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore

  • 4th CSA APAC Leadership Workshop, 4 May, 2016, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore
  • Inaugural CSA STAR Certification Summit, 5 May, 2016, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore
  • For more information about the event, please visit Here.

  • 2nd CSA Hong Kong Chapter Summit, 18 - 19 May, Hong Kong
  • 3rd CSA Japan Chapter Summit, 24 May, Japan
  • For more information about the event, please visit Here.

  • 4th CSA ASEAN Summit, June, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 4th CSA Taiwan Chapter Summit, 12 - 13 July, Taipei, Taiwan
  • For more information about the event, please visit Here.

  • Inaugural CSA Government Cybersecurity Forum, October, Singapore
  • 2nd CSA APAC Innovation Conference, October, Hong Kong
  • 4th CSA APAC Congress, November, Bangalore, India

    CSA APAC-Supported Events
  • CloudAsia, 3-5 May, 2016, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore
  • Asian Utility Week, 31 May - 1 June, Bangkok, Thailand
  • DatacenterDynamics Converged, 21 June, Australia
  • For more information about the event, please visit Here.

  • Symposium on Risk Management, 15 July, Hong Kong
  • CloudSec 2016, 11 August, Chengdu, China
  • CloudSec 2016, 18 August, Mumbai, India
  • CloudSec 2016, 23 August, Singapore
  • CloudSec 2016, 30 August, Hong Kong
  • CloudSec 2016, 8 September, Seoul, Korea
  • DatacenterDynamics Converged, 13 - 18 September, Singapore
  • DatacenterDynamics Converged, 9 November, Hong Kong
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