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CSA APAC Monthly Codebook
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A monthly newsletter, and your source for the most up-to-date news on CSA APAC Region.

Corporate Members Spotlight

Check out what our corporate members are doing!


Meeting with Trend Micro, 18 February 2016, Taipei, Taiwan


CSA APAC team visited Trend Micro office in Taipei. CSA EVP, Aloysius Cheang shared with Trend Micro’s VP of Marketing, Amy Ma 2016 plans in CSA APAC.


Meeting with Gapertise, 19 February 2016, Taipei, Taiwan


CSA APAC team together with Mr. Tsai Yi Lang, chairman of Taiwan chapter visited Gapertise office in Taipei. Aloysius presented to Gapetise’s team, Eric Wang & Keng Lee the key CSA activities in 2016 and discussed the area for collaboration. As the key driver for MAST, Eric Wang shared with us their roadmap to educate and promote mobile app security testing.


Meeting with Waikato District Health Board, 23 February, Hamilton, New Zealand


CSA APAC team visited Waikato District Health Board (DHB) on 23rd February. Our EVP, Aloysius presented our corporate membership certification to Sai Honig, Information Security Manager of Waikato DHB and chairman of CSA Waikato chapter.


CSA APAC Research Activities

Check out our research activities!


Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) Working Group


MAST Working Group aims to create a safer cloud eco‐system for mobile applications by creating systematic approaches to application testing and vetting that helps integrate and introduce quality control and compliance to mobile application development and management. The white paper’s peer review has been completed and comments will be reviewed internally. The whitepaper is currently in the final copy editing and will be published.


CSA APAC FSI Survey (Upcoming)


Beyond raising awareness around cloud service adoption, the CSA APAC FSI Survey aims to provide insight into how decision makers in the financial services industry take action in their organization – from consolidating and standardizing on the most secure cloud services, to knowing which policies to apply to mitigate risks, and understanding where to focus when educating users. The regional survey is conducted in Shanghai and Hong Kong.


CSA APAC Cloud Adoption Survey (Upcoming)


The benefits for enterprises moving to the cloud are clear: greater business agility, data availability, collaboration, and cost savings. Nowadays, organisations are more willing to embrace cloud technology with the improvement of cloud security. The CSA APAC Cloud Adoption Survey aims to provide insights in cloud adoption in different APAC countries. The survey result will also identify countries leading cloud adoption and the countries with opportunities for cloud computing.


Cloud Data Center Security Working Group (Upcoming)


Currently in the conception stage, Cloud Data Center Security Working Group is led by Alex Ng, Clear Manage, Masahiro Morozumi, CSA Japan Chapter and Wataru Mito, JDCC. The Working Group aims to develop a security guidance document for Cloud Data Center providers worldwide. Once the charter is ready for peer review, we will announce it through our usual channels.


CSA Events and Activities

The latest updates about CSA APAC events and activities.


CSA CXO Luncheon, Q1 2016


Post the illuminating success of CSA CXO Luncheons in Singapore last year, we are continuing to host CSA CXO Luncheons in 2016. In the first quarter, the luncheons were held in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan in conjunction with Lunar New Year celebration. We were very excited to host these luncheons Hong Kong and Taiwan for the first time and to meet CXOs from both public and private sectors in all 3 cities. To start off the year, the theme for all 3 cities was “Predictions and Trends in 2016”. The first luncheon of the series was held in Mandarin Orchard, Singapore on 15th February. The luncheon in Singapore commenced with ‘Lo Hei’, a Lunar New Year practice unique to Singapore and Malaysia, it originated from the Cantonese phrase meaning ‘tossing up good fortune’ using raw fish which symbolises an ‘abundance of wealth and long life’. It involves a messy ceremony of tossing and mixing a bowl of “salad”. It is believed that the higher you toss the salad up, the better your luck would be for the year. The sponsors in Singapore were F5, Check Point, FireEye and Trend Micro. F5’s Director Field Systems Engineering - ASEAN, Mr. Karthik Ramarao, presented to the audience on 3 security predictions and key considerations from F5. Following that, Check Point’s Head of Emerging Technologies, APAC, Middle East & Africa, Mr. Evan Dumas, shared with us the challenges in the landscape and the solutions to overcome these challenges. FireEye’s Systems Engineering Director – South Asia, Hong Kong & Taiwan Mr. Steve Ledzian discussed the real security risk and how to address these risks. Last but not least, Trend Micro’s Forward-Looking Threat Research Senior Manager, Mr. Ryan Flores, presented to the audience key predictions for 2016 from Trend Micro.



The second luncheon in the series was held in Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, Hong Kong on 17th February, 2016. The sponsors in Hong Kong were Trend Micro and Qualys. Trend Micro’s Technical Account Manager, Mr. Calvin Chan shared with the attendees 2016’s predictions and trends from Trend Micro’s perspective. Qualys’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Mr. Kawin Boonyapredee had an engaging session with the attendees on what’s to be expected in the future for cloud computing.



Lastly, we were graced with the amazing view for our final luncheon for Q1 at Diamond Tony’s 101, Taipei on 18th February, 2016. Trend Micro and Gapertise were the sponsors in Taipei. Before lunch commenced, Trend Micro’s General Manager for Hong Kong and Taiwan, Mr. Bob Hung captivated the attendees with Trend Micro’s predictions for 2016. Bringing a beautiful closure to the event, Gapertise’s Global Chief Consultant and COO for Taiwan, Mr. Barbet Chung had an interactive session with the audience on the future of mobile app security and the solutions to address these issues.


CSA Summit, 29 February 2016, San Francisco, USA


At the end of February, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) concluded its CSA Summit San Francisco 2016 with a full slate of presentations, releases, and announcements. CSA Summit kicked off the week with a full day of speakers and panels on the subject of ‘Cloudifying Information Security’ with a standing room only crowd. Throughout the week, CSA shared a number of updates, announcements, and releases that touched on the entire CSA portfolio. More details here


CSA Supported Conference

The latest updates about CSA APAC supported conferences


RSA Conference, 29 February 2016 - 4 March 2016, San Francisco, USA


RSA Conference held its 25th annual event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and brought together a record number of more than 40,000 attendees. Attendees experienced keynotes, peer-to-peer sessions, top notch track sessions, tutorials and seminars along with networking and social activities including the RSAC Codebreakers bash at AT&T Park featuring Sheryl Crow, Walk off the Earth and Tony Hawk. Keynotes, sessions and debates focused on the Internet of Things, industrial control systems, encryption, artificial intelligence and machine learning, crowdsourcing, healthcare, automotive, and more, with many reflecting current industry news.


Chapter Spotlight

Featured chapter of the month


Japan Chapter


In 2010 CSA Japan Chapter was established as voluntary organisation and and in December 2013 it was established as a general incorporated association. The chapter is actively involved in CSA Research working groups such as IoT and CCM. CSA Japan has translated various research documents in Japanese with the recent one as ‘ IoT Security Guidance for Early Adopters’. They also have the Japanese version for CSA Guidance V3.0, Cloud Control matrix and Cloudbytes which is an educational program related to cloud security. The activities of CSA Japan has been also recognised in widely recruiting corporate members and cooperation members.


APAC Volunteer Leadership Spotlight

Dr. Ryan Ko, CSA APAC Research Advisor



Dr Ryan Ko is the Head of the Cyber Security Lab at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, and the CSA APAC Research Advisor. He also serves as Affiliate Faculty Member at the Idaho State University’s National Information Assurance Training and Education Center (NIATEC), USA. Recipient of the (ISC)2 ISLA Award in 2014 and the inaugural CSA Ron Knode Award in 2012, his research interests are in the area of cloud security, focusing on data provenance, real-time situation awareness, and homomorphic encryption. Co-founder of the CSA Cloud Data Governance and Cloud Vulnerabilities working groups, he was part of the founding group of experts which created the (ISC)2-CSA Certified Cloud Security Professional certification’s CBK, and is the principal investigator of the NZD 12mil MBIE-funded STRATUS cloud security project.


Upcoming Events

Come and Join Us!

    CSA APAC Events
  • CSA APAC Summit 2016, 3 May, 2016, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore
  • Cloud technology has evolved from an exciting technology novelty into a white hot resource. Yet, adoption is far from optimal, and technological innovation within the field continues unabated. Never before has technology been so entwined with organizational optimization as with the advent of cloud. Charting viable directions from the myriad technology permutations for both users and their technology providers can be a daunting proposition. Which is why we are putting together the CSA APAC Summit 2016. To discuss, update,explain, clarify, and help out map out your future in the Cloud.

    Mark your Calendar now for 3rd May, 2016 For more information, please contact: [email protected]

  • 4th CSA APAC Leadership Workshop, 4 May, 2016, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore
  • Inaugural CSA STAR Certification Summit, 5 May, 2016, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore
  • 2nd CSA Hong Kong Chapter Summit, 18 - 19 May, Hong Kong
  • 3rd CSA Japan Chapter Summit, 24 May, Japan
  • 4th CSA ASEAN Summit, Jun, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 4th CSA Taiwan Chapter Summit, 12 - 13 July, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Inaugural CSA Government Cybersecurity Forum, October, Singapore
  • 2nd CSA APAC Innovation Conference, October, Hong Kong
  • 4th CSA APAC Congress, November, Bangalore, India
    CSA APAC-Supported Events
  • DatacenterDynamics Converged, 7 Apr, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • More information here!

  • CloudAsia, 3-5 May, 2016, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore
  • Asian Utility Week, 31 May - 1 Jun, Bangkok, Thailand
  • DatacenterDynamics Converged, 21 Jun, Australia
  • Symposium on Risk Management, 15 Jul, Hong Kong
  • CloudSec 2016, 11 Aug, Chengdu, China
  • CloudSec 2016, 18 Aug, Mumbai, India
  • CloudSec 2016, 23 Aug, Singapore
  • CloudSec 2016, 30 Aug, Hong Kong
  • CloudSec 2016, 8 Sep, Seoul, Korea
  • DatacenterDynamics Converged, 13 - 18 Sep, Singapore
  • DatacenterDynamics Converged, 9 Nov, Hong Kong


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